My Big, Fat Thyroid

I have hyperthyroidism (in the form of Graves Disease) and I’ve recently had RadioActive Iodine treatment for it. I’ve blogged extensively about the process (and my feelings about it) over at My Big, Fat Thyroid.

Do read it if you’re interested!

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How to win the Fish Prize…

How to Win the Fish Short Story Prize 2018, in six easy steps:

(This article first appeared in the Autumn 2018 Wivenhoe News, No. 77)

1: Ages 0 – 10
Be a quiet child who reads voraciously and daydreams (warning: the latter can get you into trouble at school). Look forward to Fridays, after break (once the terrifying ‘Twenty Mental’ is out of the way) when you can come in after playtime to choose from three titles on the blackboard for an hour’s uninterrupted silent daydreaming and writing. Bliss! Continue reading “How to win the Fish Prize…”