Thirty Days Wild


The Wildlife Trusts have run Thirty Days Wild every year since 2015, and I have followed it in a half-hearted manner ever since. They describe it as: ‘the UK’s one and only month-long nature challenge from The Wildlife Trusts. It invites everyone to do something wild every day in June, connecting us all with the beauty and wonder of our natural world.’

During its first year (me still brain-swamped in my teaching days) my main aim was simply to get myself outdoors each day in June. Since then, I’ve enjoyed looking at the photos and achievements of others, and tried to pass on my enthusiasm to the youngsters I tutor. This year, under coronavirus-19 lockdown conditions, and well aware of the benefits to my mental state of our Natural Health Service (thanks Chris Gibson for coining this term – do follow his blog) I’ve decided to sign up and record my efforts, with links to sites I find useful or interesting.

I’ve opened a new page on this website for my daily records.


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